Best Choice Products Hammock 59″ Cotton Double Wide Solid Wood Spreader Outdoor Patio Yard Hammock

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Best Choice Products Hammock 59" Cotton Double Wide Solid Wood Spreader Outdoor Patio Yard Hammock

Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand new Cotton Rope Hammock. Whenever you feel like relaxing and lounging around in your backyard or patio, our cotton rope hammock is the best accessory for your needs. The rope hammock is made of 900 feet of twisted heavy duty cotton rope. Our cotton provides a soft feel along with superior outdoor durability. These are high quality hammocks that will last for years. It also includes a carrying case that allows for easy mobility.The thick hardwoo
  • Whenever you want to relax or lounge around, our cotton rope hammock is perfect for any outdoor patio, backyard, or front yard
  • The hammock consists of 900 feet of twisted rope which is made from heavy duty cotton. This hammock is the best accessory you can buy for your outdoor area
  • The heavy duty cotton provides a soft feel along with superior outdoor durability. The thick hardwood spreader bar adds stability along with the sturdy suspension rings that are provided
  • The hammock spans at 122" length and 59" width. The bed dimensions of the hammock are 80" X 59"
  • The weight capacity for our cotton rope hammock is 450 lbs.

List Price : $ 36.44

Price : $ 33.94

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Hammocks have two main types – hammocks that has a spreader and those without. Hammock Stands cannot be interchange with these two types of hammocks most of the time. The main reason is, hammock that has no spreader bars must be installed in a elevated areas, either on trees or in a stand. Hammocks that have spreader bars doesn’t need to be installed so high but if did, you will have a sturdy instance getting in, except, obviously, you are 7 feet tall.

Metal Hammock Stands

Strong and inexpensive that are the Metal hammock stands. It may not be as stylish and strong as wood hammock stands, but it has the most popularity. Most metal hammock stands will only be in shape with hammocks that has spreader bars. but it also have metal hammocks that has no spreader bars. if you have steel hammocks stand that has a chip in the paint, apply automotive paint so that you can ensure you will inhibit rust as best as in can be. A splendid bonus of a metal hammock stand is the hammock wheel kit. Its a remarkable invention for you to move your hammock from one end of the yard to another easy and effortless. from your backyard to the front or from the deck to the yard? in just a matter of minutes, that how great it is. you’ll ask why you have to do this? well laying on your hammock in the sun/or in the shade is great right? then move with it. Or if your wife is mowing, doing something in your garden, or something else that may require you to move the hammock and stand. The hammock stand wheel makes it comforting on you and your back in these cases.

Stainless Steel Hammock Stands

This kind of hammock never rust, and it lasts a lifetime depending on how you take good care of it. Stainless steel hammock stands are perfect for your open deck and veranda, afraid to stain those surfaces with rust? well you find the best solution, this wouldn’t rust anything. But this kind of hammock is a bit more expensive than a Steel hammock stands.

Wood Hammocks Stands

Wood Hammock stands, generally, the most sturdy kind of hammock stand, the best in its division is the Roman Arc hammock stand, it is made up of cypress wood. Roman Arc hammock stands have its two types, first is the Roman Arc hammock stands with 8 layers of cypress and the other one with 5 layers of cypress. And these kind of hammock, the Roman Arc hammock stands is made for hammocks with spreader bars. Also we have a Cypress Wood Hammock stand, perfect for hammocks that has no spreader bars.

Unfinished natural cypress is suggested to be treated at least once a year with a water repulsive to protect the beautiful yellow color of cypress. It will turn into an equally beautiful gray and hardens for long wear if raw. both stands are extremely firm and sturdy and will far surpass the essential 450-pound weight rating for the hammock.

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